Overview Barely a gnat’s leap from San Sebastian’s world famous La Concha bay, this immaculate hostel is the perfect base for a stay in the idyllic Basque city.

From the super-speedy free wi-fi and fortifyingly strong coffee to parking and en-suite rooms, the Alemana is really more hotel than hostel. The generously proportioned beds and small number of rooms allow it to retain a genuine boutique feel.

The Alemana’s locale is perfect for beach bums – the sand is 40m away – but you may find this area of town a little quiet during the winter months.

San Sebastian’s stunning centre is 15 minutes walk away, perfect for working off an evening of inexpensive rioja and pintxos.

Wow factor Situated in a residential area, the Alemana affords you that most elusive of travel delights – it makes you feel like a local. If it were any closer to the beach you’d have sand in your pants.

Rooms Spacious, simple, and military clean, they manage to be basic without being characterless. 

Bill please £55pn in high season. £40pn in low season.