The bizarre looking corpse washed ashore on Pukehina Beach, in the Bay of Plenty on the northern coast of New Zealand.

The nine metre long carcass has basic flippers, as well as a large head, full of murderous looking teeth, further fuelling speculation this could be the remains of an ancient sea creature.

A video posted to YouTube (below) showed the 9-metre long corpse, calling it a “strange marine creature”, the narrator added: “can anyone help us identify it?”.

The Pukehina ‘monster’ is just the latest in a long history of mysterious carcasses being washed ashore and subsequently being called mysterious, remains of sea monsters, etc.

In 2003 for example, the rotting remains of a large sperm whale came ashore in Chile and was mistaken for a mysterious ‘blobber’ or new species of giant squid.

Marine mammal expert Anton Van Heldon examined the latest ‘monster’ carcass in New Zealand and believes it is a killer whale, based on the fin structure.

Image: GrindTV