Ancestry visa complications

Q: I am an Australian living in the UK on a five-year ancestry visa (which expires in 2012). My New Zealand partner lives here on a sponsored work visa (which is due to expire in 2011). We plan to go back home to live in Australia once his visa expires. If we got married and wanted to come back to work in the UK at some stage in the future, could he come as a dependent on my ancestry visa? Also, if we had children and wanted to return to the UK at some point, would this be possible? I wouldn’t be working but my partner would. Is this allowed on the ancestry visa, or is it specifically for those who are here to work?

A: It is possible to have a dependant on an ancestry visa (an unmarried partner, spouse or child). However, the ancestry visa holder must be intending to work or already be engaging in employment in the UK in order to qualify, as this visa is specifically for individuals with a UK-born grandparent who will be working in the UK.

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