British passport and dual-citizenship question

Q: I am originally from Australia but have dual-citizenship for the UK, so I have an Australian and a British passport. My British passport is currently being processed along with my partner’s as part of her application for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Will I be able to travel out of the UK and return using my Australian passport even though it has no entry stamps for the UK? I used my British passport to travel here in the first instance. Will they accept a certified copy of my British passport as proof that I am able to stay over the 90-day holiday period? I don’t want to leave the UK and get stuck being unable to work despite being a British citizen.

A: If you are a British citizen you should not try and enter the UK on your Australian passport – there’s a possibility you could be admitted as a visitor which would mean you would be ineligible to work in the UK. In short, you should always use the passport for the country you are entering if you are a citizen of that country.

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