The vicious pheasant, nicknamed Phil (for some reason) has repeatedly attacked 44-year-old Sally-Ann Hudson and her parents who live in the tiny, rural hamlet of Wantnor in England’s West Midlands.

Ms Hudson told the UK’s Daily Telegraph that Phil first moved into the area four months ago and has been making a nuisance of himself ever since.

Indeed, the bird’s bizarre, pathological hatred of Ms Hudson and her family has crossed into some creepy, stalker like behaviour.

“He would stare at us through the windows. Whichever window we looked out of, there he was … He wakes me up every morning angrily headbutting the French windows downstairs.”

The bird has even gone so far as to chase Ms Hudson’s car down the street, pecking at the windows and body work. It has also on occasion tried to force entrance into her home.

Ms Hudson says that her and her parents have taken to arming themselves against the bird for protection with sporting equipment and heavy gloves.

“[We] have taken to carrying a badminton racket when we go outside, just to defend ourselves.”

Ms Hudson has repeatedly tried feeding Phil in an attempt to make the pheasant more friendly, but so far it has all been to no avail.

Just shoot the fucking thing and be done with it, I say. Pheasant makes for damn tasty eating!