It’s a back catalogue that would make most bands of today shudder, so prolific has her output been since she burst forth back at the start of the Nineties.

The feminist icon and indie-folk-troubadour, who has drawn influences from far and wide, returns with 17th album Whose Side Are You On? Despite having railed against the system since Bush Snr and Margaret Thatcher were in power, her passion for setting the world to rights shows no signs of diminishing, and with the world in the current state of disrepair in which we find ourselves, she has no shortage of fuel for her ever-burning fire. 

Spirited independence enabled her to set up her own recording label, Righteous Babe, so that she would be free of the shackles of major label concerns – she has often spoken about record companies in song, such as The Million You Never Made (off 1995’s Not A Pretty Girl) and the deeply sarcastic The Next Big Thing (off 1991’s Not So Soft).

This freedom won her a devoted fanbase, which has grown and grown. But DiFranco has remained staunchly opposed to any corporate temptations that have ever been thrust her way over the years.  She takes to the stage at the Union Chapel for these two shows, and with the Occupy Movement holed up across town and attempts to move the tent city on sure to reach a crescendo this month, there is no better time for Ani to be here.

Jan 10 & 11, Doors at 7.30pm
Tube: Highbury & Islington