1. The Prince William poster

One of the more popular snippets of gossip about Kate Middleton is that as a teenager she had a poster of Prince William on her bedroom wall. Much though we wish this nauseating ‘fact’ were true, however, Kate has denied it saying the poster was of “the Levi’s guy”. Sorry Will.


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2. The see-through dress

Kate Middleton first caught Prince William’s eye in 2002 when she was modelling a see-through dress in a student fashion show at Edinburgh University. In 2011, the dress was auctioned in 2011 for £78,000.


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3. The Kate Middleton pub

When Kate was given her royal title the Duchess of Cambridge, a pub in Windsor was renamed in her honour. While we’re on the subject of boozing, it’s rumoured that Kate can drink William under the table. Her favourite drink is said to be a cocktail called Crack Baby from Boujis, made from vodka, passion-fruit juice, Chambord, and Champagne. 


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4. The mooning rumour

We couldn’t make you wait until the end for this one. According to Christopher Anderson, author of William and Kate: A Royal Love Story, Kate once mooned out of her prep-school window. A friend told the author: “Every night we took turns to show our bare bums to the guys to see if they could guess who they were.” Apparently this earned Kate the nickname ‘Kate Middlebum’.


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5. Kate and William are distantly related

Kate is also descended from an English king, Edward III, through his second son Edmund. A descendant of the king, Agnes Gascoigne, married Sir Thomas Fairfax and from their children came two lines of descent which lead to Kate Middleton and Prince William. This makes the royal couple 15th cousins.