TNT Recruitment Fair 2011 is a large scale event attracting young professionals aged 18-35 from London and beyond all looking for new jobs or a change in career.

The inaugural TNT Recruitment Fair 2011 Sponsored by Wellers & associate sponsor REL Field Marketing will be held on Saturday 15th October 2011 at the QEII conference, Westminster. It will be strategically co-located with the annual Sun and Snow Travel Show which attracts over 5,000 visitors on an annual basis.

The TNT Recruitment Fair will enable you to gain an insight in to recruiters/employers available, providing employment options from part time bar work or seasonal work to the serious professional.


You will have the opportunity to meet employers available in the immediate area, have to chance to present CVs prior to the fair and even set up interviews on the day.


The recruitment fair is a perfect opening for you to build your contact and networking prospects and enhance your chance of tracking down your perfect Job!