Anti-cuts protesters hijacked Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray’s campaign visit to Glasgow Central Station earlier today.

Sean Clerkin, spokesman for a group calling themselves Citizens United Against Cuts to Public Services, explained how he and the group of protestors had chased down the Labour leader.

Clerkin said: “Nine of us went there this morning to ambush Iain Gray to talk to him about massive cuts that are being implemented.“

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“He ran away into a cafe and I chased him – we only wanted to talk to him.”

“We don’t want Labour to just manage the cuts.”

The anti-cut protestors followed Gray into a Subway sandwich shop.

Later the Labour leader moved away from the station onto Sauchiehall Street where he continued campaigning for the reintroduction of plans to build the Glasgow airport railway link, which was cancelled by the SNP.

He said: “If I am First Minister I will reinstate the project as part of Labour’s plans to stimulate growth and get Scotland working again.”

“These are the things that matter and that’s what a Labour government will focus on.”

Margaret Curran MP, who was campaigning with Mr Gray, said:

“Iain isn’t going to be intimidated by someone shouting in his face.”

“This is a man who taught in Mozambique during a brutal civil war, who has walked the killing fields of Cambodia, who worked in Rwanda days after the genocide.”

She also talked about the Labour leaders campaign agenda.

“Iain Gray and I have been campaigning in Glasgow today talking about the things that really matter, like restoring our Glasgow Airport Rail Link,” she said.

Curran also explained why the Labour leader and his entourage had decided to move away from the train station.

“It became clear pretty fast that this man was completely uninterested in anything other than getting his picture in the paper, so we just left the station and went to speak to people on Sauchiehall Street instead,” she added.