Before the Dawn Service

It might be warm during the day at Gallipoli but Anzac Cove gets cold during the night, when you’re waiting for first light. Bring a warm sleeping bag, extra jumpers and a jacket, beanie and scarf.

Also stock up on food and snacks to keep you warm and energised during the night, but forget about trying to bring in alcohol — bags are searched when you enter Anzac Cove.

During the Dawn Service

If you’ve forgotten a sleeping bag or the weather is colder than anticipated, you can buy extra blankets from hawkers, but be prepared to pay inflated prices. Basic food and drinks are also for sale.

After the Dawn Service

Australians generally trek up to the Lone Pine memorial while New Zealanders head to the Chunuk Bair site for a second, national memorial service.

After some extra time to wander the graves and trenches, it is time to meet up with your coach and guide again. There are literally hundreds of coaches circling the the loop around Anzac Cove, so make sure to remember your coach number.