Apple’s update to the popular tablet computer line will be launched in the first week of March according to industry analysis blog AllThingsD which is run by the Wall Street Journal owners Dow Jones. Needless to say, the claims are being taken seriously.

The event is said to be taken place in Apple’s favoured launch place, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California.

Speculations online claim that iPad 3 will improve on the current iPad 2 by including a faster chipset and processor for improved graphics. There’s also some talk of a clearer display – some expect the current resolution of 1024-by-768 pixels will be doubled in the next model. Some rumours have even gone as far to guess that a quad-core processor will be squeezed into the portable tablet device.

The announcement comes at a time when the company is under fire from ethics protesters who say the company is exploiting workers who make iPhone and iPad products in China.

Chinese supplier Foxconn has been petitioned by hundreds of thousands of people who demand more ethical treatment for workers in China who are being exploited in what are reported to be poor conditions.

Apple stores in London and across the US have been picketed by protesters from and Foxconn employee’s emails have been hacked and shared online by hacker activists.’s petition entitled ‘Apple: Protect Workers Making iPhones in Chinese Factories’ currently has over 200,000 signatures.

Main images: Apple’s iPad 2/Apple protesters in Washington DC (Getty)