At present, Lady Gaga’s is  invite only. A holding page reads:

“Request an invite to be among the first to experience a new community only for Little Monsters. Because you were born this way!”

According to those in the know, however, the site is similar to Reddit and Pinterest. Gaga fans are expected to sign up in their droves to create videos, share photos and highlight web content they are interested in.

Ambitioulsy, the company which created the social networking site, claims it will “change the world”.

Matt Michelsen, CEO and co-founder of Backplane – the company behind the website – told Mashable:

“Backplane is about bringing together communities and Gaga’s community just so happens to be the community we’re using to learn about proper functionality. We think we can really change the world.”

Gaga has more than 19 million followers on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the singer has revealed that she battled bulimia for years and only stopped making herself sick after eating when she realised the damage it was doing to her vocal cords.