As with each of its new product launches, Apple mania has swept the world and fans have been queuing outside Apple shops in London for days, hoping to be one of the first to get their hands on an iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S and it is powered by a processor that is twice as fast. It also boasts better camera software and 4G mobile broadband. However, serious problems have been reported with the iPhone 5’s Maps app.

The phone went on sale in London at 8am this morning and workers in the Apple shop gathered to high-five customers and generally ramp up the already-hyped crowd.

Two million iPhone 5 handsets have already been pre-ordered around the world in just 24 hours but in the UK, Ryan Williams, an IT businessman, was the first to get his hands on one of the lusted-after gadgets.

Williams had spent a week camping in Covent Garden for the privilege.

However, before you deride him geekery, the 22-year-old was, apparently doing it all for a cancer charity and has raised £1,000 for his efforts.

Problems with Apple iPhone 5 Maps App

The iPhone 5 Maps App has already come under fire. It features 3D data terrain but fails to display accurate location data or public transport information as well as a number of other problems. Restaurants and are displayed in the wrong location and many stations – including London Paddington – are missing entirely.

Many users have said they will go to in order to install a version of Google Maps to their iPhones.

Apple has said it is working on the problem.