Here, we’ve done some digging around to find the seven best apps on the market to make your journey around Oz as easy as possible. You’re very welcome.


The Thousands, Free

Regardless of which Aussie city you’re in, The Thousands has got your back. With Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth covered, download this funky app to find out about events, gigs, restaurants, bars and trendy shops. If you’re a foodie, log on for a gourmet guide to urban eateries, complete with integrated map locations and social media functionality. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a penny for the privilege.

Dirty Kebabs, $1.29

You might think you’re all sophisticated travelling the world, but, let’s face it, you’re still a Brit abroad. And there will come a time when all you want is a late-night, dirty food stop to soak up the Jager bombs so you can wake up in a decent state in the morning. Well, fret not. Download Dirty Kebabs on your iPhone, and no matter which city you’re in, it’ll come up with the greasy pitstops serving food nearest to you. 99c well spent.


The Aussie Quiz, $1.99

How much do you really know about Australia? If your knowledge only stretches from how to stagger from your hostel to the nearest decent bar, it might be time to download The Aussie Quiz and up your general knowledge. You’ll be tested on everything from history and geography, to celebrities and literature, and scored, so you can resit each round and improve your expertise, then impress your mates – or win a heap of cash at a pub quiz.

Aussie Slang Dictionary, 99c

Getting a bit arced off with all the Aussie slang? Don’t know your boofheads from your bogans? Then look no further than the Aussie Slang Dictionary to suss out all the meanings of weird and wonderful Down Under words and phrases. Yep, it might cost a buck, but it’ll be worth it as you start to chat fluently with the locals, and they take you in as one of their own. Fair dinkum!


Art Guide Australia, Free

Make sure you soak up a bit of culture while you’re travelling Down Under with this comprehensive art guide. Check out the latest exhibitions, their running times and reviews for all the major art galleries and museums across Australia – as well as some hidden gems. Click on each post for more details about the exhibitions and the background of the artists, as well as a really handy map which will show how close the venue is to you. Easy.

There’s Nothing Like Australia, Free

If for nothing else but the jaw-dropping imagery, download this official Tourism Australia-released app. As well as an itinerary planner for your trip and stunning stop-start videos, you’ll find a guide to Oz’s must-visit sites in featured destinations such as Uluru, Melbourne, Sydney, Hayman Island and El Questro, along with travel stories from tourists, travellers and locals. 


Melbourne Peculiar, $3.79

If you’ve always suspected Melbourne to be a little, well, odd, you’d be right, according to this app. With more than 120 entries, it details the city’s eccentricities and secrets – from ghosts and graves, to unusual food and weird public art. With oodles of information, you’ll be able to explore a side to the area not even Melburnians know exists. “Melbourne Peculiar aims to explore things that are distinctive or strange about this great city – from the faintly odd to the positively arcane,” says the app’s author and local Narrelle Harris.


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