As for the honest 8%, most of them blamed it on the booze. 72% of confessors put their indiscretion down to being drunk and ‘out of control’, and 65% of the confessors also said that cold feet and last minute stress before the wedding were influential factors.

Vouchercloud spokesperson Matthew Wood expressed surprise that the number of flings wasn’t higher: “I think it’s no secret that when full of alcohol and banter, things can get out of hand during these events and one of these things is the issue of cheating,” he said.

“Many people see this as their chance for a final fling before finally settling down. We were surprised to see that a good two thirds of the country remain faithful even in the excitement of their celebration.”

Two thirds of respondents also visited a strip club on their celebration nights, dishing out about £120 pounds per person for the privilege.

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