PCOS affects about 10% of women and is even more prevalent amongst transgender men. A common symptom is hirsutism, which causes excessive hair growth. The Armpits 4 August movement is all about expressing pride in body hair, not shame.

I can’t imagine that this could ever be as popular as Movember, mostly because of society’s strident aversion to hairy women.

In terms of professional image, an excess of hair is rarely a good look – even for men. I wouldn’t really want to hire a lawyer that looked like Magnum P.I. Actually, that sounds great!

While growing a moustache is an excuse to look like either a porn star or a paedophile for a month, armpit hair is more of an Amazonian look.

You might get some funny looks, but I’m all for that. Movember turns heads, but armpit hair has the potential to garner significantly more attention.

Just think, one day you could be sitting on the train and realise that every woman around you has some serious armpit afro, and guess what? You’re going to go home and try to find out what the heck is going on. You’ll stumble across the charity’s website and bam! You’ve now heard of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and that’s a good thing.

Armpits 4 August only started last year so if you’re keen to start a new trend then now is the time.

Check out their website for advice on hair growing and fund-raising.