Admitted delays in training by G4S has prompted this announcement, expected later today by Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary.

G4S is being paid £300 million to supply the 10,000 guards deemed necessary to provide security for the more than 30 sporting venues and 70 other areas. 9,000 security personnel are reportedly still being trained for the events, with only a fortnight to go until the Opening Ceremonies.

“We’ve known about the Olympic Games for seven years, if we couldn’t have planned better than this then there’s something wrong,” said retired Colonel Richard Kemp on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

The additional 3,500 troops will add to the 13,500 military personnel already assigned to the Games.

This announcement coincides with government cuts in army size. Many of the soldiers to be called to provide additional security support will be soldiers returning from or about to be shipped off to Afghanistan, cutting into their leave time. The effect this will have on army morale is being questioned.

G4S will be paid less if they fail to deliver the amount of guards promised, confirmed Dame Tessa Jowell, shadow Olympics minister and member of Olympics board.

 Image via Getty.

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