Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Hollywood action hero and California Governor, will return to acting.

The Terminator, Total Recall and True Lies star has already chosen his first comeback film role, but, at 63, he says he knows his action days might be behind him.

“Currently I’m reading three scripts,” Arnold Schwarzenegger told Kronen Zeitung, a newspaper in his native Austria.

“In the future I have to adapt to roles (for) my age. Clint Eastwood also has done it in the same way. Extreme fighting is not possible anymore,” he said.

Schwarzenegger is mooted to act in a World War Two flick called With Wings As Eagles, in which he would play a Nazi commander, Fox reports.

“I would play an older soldier, who gets the order at the ending of the war to kill a bunch of kids. But he doesn’t do it and get(s) them to safety at the risk of his life and it has all kinds of adventure,” he said.

Schwarzenegger, the action hero, left showbiz behind in 2003 when he was elected Governor of California in 2003. He served two terms, leaving office this year.

He had a small role in last year’s The Expendables where he appeared alongside his old Planet Hollywood buddies Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. The film was a hit earning $275 million on an estimated budget of $80 million.

Schwarzenegger joins a throng of older stars making a comeback in Hollywood.

Summit Entertainment just commissioned a sequel to the movie Red, which starred Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman.

The film earned a respectable $165 million at the box office.