And OFF STUMPED has spotted one of the classic signs that the Poms are rattled: Perusing the comments on the BBC website yesterday, your favourite Ashes pre-play blog spotted several Neighbours-based Aussie taunts.

You know, for a fact, that when the Poms are resorting to this sort of stuff they’re feel non-too-confident.

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It was however cockle-warming to see the number of Englishman tweeting their, OFF-STUMPED felt, genuine disappointment when Ashton Agar got out two-short of an tenth wicket century.

We all remember Shane Warne’s Ashes debut – The Ball of the Century – and while Warne had a profound affect on his first Ashes test, Agar’s contribution on his debut might be all the more telling.

It will, as sure-as-stumps-as-stumps, go down in history as one of the greatest debuts innings ever.

There was even commiserations from a former 11th batsman who fell five runs short of his 100.  

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Can Agar prove he’s a true all-rounder and notch some important English wickets early-on?