They lived through the grunge explosion and came out the other side. Now they’re back in the UK in support of a new album, last year’s Invisible Stars, and marking their 20th anniversary. 

Alexakis was another bleached blonde scruffy rock kid in 1992 when the band formed, as Kurt Cobain and co. tore up the musical rule book. Everclear’s landmark sophomore LP Sparkle And Fade saw Alexakis singing about his life with passion and self-biographical flair, and launched a string of hits, most notably Santa Monica.

But when follow-up, So Much For The Afterglow, sold two million copies and won them a Grammy nom, the band graduated from also-rans to major players.

A two-album beast followed, Songs From An American Movie Parts 1 & 2, released four months apart in 2000. The first, Learning How To Smile, was the pop-oriented one. The next, Good Time For A Bad Attitude, was a harder rock affair. The trio – bassist Craig Montoya and drummer Greg Eckland – kept it together for one more LP, 2003’s Slow Motion Daydream, before calling it quits.

Alexakis went solo before starting Everclear mark two with new members, and releasing Welcome To The Drama Club in 2006, and a couple of covers and acoustic indulgences.

Marking Everclear’s 20th anniversary was Invisible Stars, and Alexakis hit the road again with fellow Nineties luminaries Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Lit, all radio mainstays last century. Expect cuts from it and their Grammy-noted past.

Islington Academy, N1 0PSThurs, apr 4  
Doors at 7pm |  £19.50  
Tube | Angel 


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