Dear Bogans,

I’m currently working in a job I hate for a boss I can’t stand. I really want to quit but the money is so good and I’m worried that I won’t find anything this well paid if I leave. What should I do?

Steve, Hackney

Dear Steve,

Shut up! Nobody cares about your stupid high-paying job and your knob end boss. NEWSFLASH Steve: the reason your job sucks and your boss is a dick is because you get paid so much money! If you want a life with less boss dickiness and less responsibility, get a job in a florist for £8 an hour. They deal with flowers Steve. All day. You can imagine how happy they are after working with flowers. Or you could ask for a pay-fall (it’s the opposite of a pay-rise). Bill Gates did it and just look how happy he is – he’s curing cancer Steve. Cancer! Whatever you choose, do us all a favour and stop complaining, STEVE!

Much love,

The Bogans

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