The company reportedly plans to mine asteroids in a new space venture, which aims to sell resources extracted from asteroids.

The enterprise’s powerful members include Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and filmmaker James Cameron.

Also on board the impressive company is former Microsoft executive Charles Simonyi, who has done space tourism twice on Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The group of investors and scientists are convinced that the resources of asteroids can “add trillions of dollars to the global GDP” and “help ensure humanity’s prosperity”, especially at a time when resources on Earth keep diminishing fast.

Asteroids, which contain high levels of ingredients for fuel and precious metals like platinum and iron, could provide Earth with a crucial supply of raw materials, NASA scientists say.

There are no details if the project can be done. However, judging from the its cost in millions of dollars, the private company will surely cash in from asteroid drilling.

It will not have to travel to the asteroid belt to get the resources, as many passing near Earth that may be accessible.

If they are successful, it will be a new dawn for humanity.

The press conference, to be held tomorrow in the Museum of Flight in Seattle, will reveal more about this exciting new project.

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