The WA Department of Education has confirmed the rule is a real one at Adam Road Primary School in Bunbury, explaining that it was introduced after case of “excessive hugging” left some kids bruised and other feeling excluded.

Acting principal Gemma Preston told “We introduced a rule about hugging last year after parents complained about their children being hurt by excessive hugging.

“Some children received bruised ribs from an over-enthusiastic hug.

“The rule was reinforced with our Year 6 and 7 students again last week during a general talk about being role models for the younger students.”

Heidi Rome, whose daughter Amber was given detention after hugging a friend, demanded an apology, despite the ‘incident’ taking place two hours after the rule was reinforced to students.

Rome thinks the rule is “silly” and “ridiculous”.

“It’s a really good school that’s just got a silly rule that I’m wanting to try and change,” she added.

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