How did you come across OneShift?
Through a friend who was currently in Australia.

Was it easy finding work through OneShift?
Yes, when you set up your profile you can apply to any job you want and they get back to you straight away.

How has it benefited you while you’ve been travelling?
When I first arrived I wasn’t looking for any permanent work because I wanted to travel, but with OneShift you can decide where, and when you want to work.

What kind of work have you found through the agency?
When I first arrived in Australia I worked as a kitchen hand at Easy Eating for one shift to earn some cash. I then also worked a couple of shifts as an admin / social media assistant for Show Pony. Both were great roles. My recent (and current) role was at YM Salon as a beauty therapist. I took a shift here and have since been offered more shifts on an ongoing basis.

Would you recommend OneShift to other backpackers?
Yes definitely, you can still travel and do a shift here and there when your money is getting low. It’s an ideal solution.

What did you do back home?
I’m a qualified makeup artist and beauty therapist.

What is your highest level of experience/qualifications?
I have over 4 years salon experience and 2 years cosmetic counter experience.

What’s the most difficult obstacle in finding work in Oz?
A lot of companies want you to sign contracts which is very hard when you plan on setting off to travel around, however with OneShift everyone knows where each other stands so there are no expectations to commit full-time.

Highs and lows of your current job?
Meeting a lot of nice friendly faces. There’s nothing I dislike about the job really, to be honest. I love the flexibility and responsibility that it comes with!

What do you think of the pay you’re earning?
It’s good. You cant really complain about money when you have just left a country where the recession is at it peak!

The best thing that’s happened to you on the job?
Getting to know the staff and owners. I have developed some great contacts already that I will be able to take with me when I go travelling or decide to look for a steady job.

What do you plan to do when you get home?
I plan on going back into the salon industry or maybe look into teaching beauty, who knows. I love it here so I guess we’ll see. I have travelled a bit in Queensland and Sydney but I’m still hoping to do the east coast.

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