The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs however, is still investigating reports of Roger Abbas’ death after rumours ran rife on social media.

“We are aware of media reports that an Australian man may have been killed in Syria. The department has no information to confirm these reports, but is seeking to investigate their veracity,” a department spokeswoman said.

Its is thought that Mr Abbas, 23, went to Syria alone to volunteer as an aid worker last month, but there are conflicting reports as to exactly how he died.

Islamic Society of Victoria vice-president Baha Yehia said:  “We believe he was caught in the crossfire while he was doing aid work,”

He also Likewise dispelled speculation that Mr Abbas was fighting alongside a rebel faction battling the Syrian Government.

“He doesn’t have the experience. You can’t just go and pick up a gun and expect to know how to use it. It doesn’t work like that. For someone to pick up arms you have to have a background of training. You’re fighting trained military people.” he said.

Mr Abbas’s brother, Ibrahim, said the International Kick Boxing Federation Australian and Victorian middleweight champion was such a soft, easygoing person that “even his opponents would testify to that. He was the kind of person who would be willing to help anyone,” Ibrahim said.


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