The perverts, the scourge of women the world over, often strike in public places, such as on buses or trains and in supermarkets.

The latest, a 30-year-old Korean man who speaks no English, was apprehended in Sydney’s World Square after allegedly filming up women’s skirts using a camera concealed in a shopping basket.

He has been charged with filming a person’s private parts without consent.

Eagle-eyed security spotted the man doing more than just inspecting the fruit while he was pretending to go about his weekly grocery shop.

Instead, the alleged sicko was putting his camera where it wasn’t wanted, presumably to use the clips for his own filthy gratification later, or perhaps to share it online with a community of like-minded sex pests.

Police viewed the video and found that nine women had been targeted over a 30-minute period.

Only one of the women has been identified, police said, although they did not explain exactly how she had been identified.