The charge is being introduced from April 6 to apply to almost every new entrant to the UK with a visa valid for six months or more.

However, visiting Australians and New Zealanders will need to go through the process on the surcharge website, says the professional services firm Sable.

The following statement taken directly from the Home Office’s official ‘immigration health surcharge” document establishes the exception:

“The UK has reciprocal healthcare agreements with Australia and New Zealand, whereby visitors and temporary migrants from those countries are entitled to some treatment free of charge on the NHS. In turn, this is reciprocated when our citizens visit there.” 

However, as the Home Office emphasises:

“…You must still go through the process on the surcharge web site where you will be informed your payment is nil. You will receive your unique surcharge reference number which you will need for your immigration application to confirm your exemption.”