Construction manager, David Tarasenko, was the first in the world to get his mitts on the gadget that has had tech reviewers enthralled since it was announced last week.

The 34-year-old said: “When Tim Cook announced it, it sounded like such a magical tool. I just got hyped into it, I guess.”

One shopper, Stephen Parkes, was paid over £600 by the founder of an odd jobs website to queue for four days.

Another Apple fiend, student Ryan Han, queued for hours. He said: “I get a high waiting in the line and picking up one of the first products being retailed.

“I did that for iPad 1, 2 and will do it for 4 as well.”

The new iPad will go on sale in ten countries including the US, Canada, Singapore, France and the UK on Friday.

Not only did Australia get the iPad first, but they’re paying less than those in the UK, who pay £399 for the basic model.

Tech experts say the new iPad is a collection of improvements on the last, rather than a technological innovation, but shares in Apple went up to $600 today.

The third version of the tablet computer has a faster processing chip and a sharper screen.