Monday, the first day tickets could be picked up in London, had lines of customers lined up for six hours or more for their tickets, despite a doubling of CoSport staff on hand to dispense tickets. Tuesday lines were much better, with ticketholders only having to wait in line for two hours.

“We understand that people want to collect their tickets as early as possible but in an email to customers sent out more than a week ago we encouraged them to avoid peak periods, particularly yesterday (Monday), where possible,” said CoSport in their apology statement.

CoSport experienced other complaints as many families realized that their tickets were not seated together, separating some parents from their children at the Games. They said there was nothing they could do about this problem.

“Within the allocation of tickets that we received, we strive to seat people together. Unfortunately this is not always possible and our terms and conditions explain this. When a problem is flagged to us, we will always review our entire allocation for that event and investigate if we can find a practical alternative,” said the CoSport statement.

Despite the long lines and panic for tickets this week, CoSport has assured that everyone will get their ordered tickets – eventually.

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