Going live at 6am Wednesday morning, the 30 miles of VIP Games Lanes, part of the 109-mile Olympic Road Network, caused massive gridlock across London this morning, particularly on the M4 and A40. There were also massive delays around Tower Bridge and Baker St, to name a few.

Failure to abide by the Olympic Lane restrictions will result in a £130 fine.

Just two days before the Games open, the roads are said to already be at “full capacity,” according to police. 127,000 more people are expected to arrive to London today through Heathrow airport. An extra 1 million people are expected to be travelling in London every day during the Games.

People have been advised to avoid driving if at all possible. The Tube wasn’t any easier for this morning’s commute as many former drivers crammed onto the underground system. The Metropolitan line in particular experienced many delays, a line which is expected to carry thousands of extra passengers to the Wembley stadium Olympics events.

Jeremy Hunt, culture secretary, said, “The next 48 hours are absolutely critical.”

Senior government ministers are also authorized to use the lanes, though PM David Cameron is urging them to seek out public transportation instead, claiming he will use the Tube to travel for official business when possible. Cameron has admitted that he would, however, use the lanes if needed for “operational and security” reasons.

The lanes have elicited huge protests from taxi drivers angry that they are not authorized to use the lanes. Roads came to a standstill at Parliament Square last week and Tower Bridge earlier this week as they staged protests against the lanes.

“Our advice to road users is clear – don’t get caught out,” said Leon Daniels, Transport for London’s managing director for surface transport, to the Daily Mail.

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