From topless paragliding to eating a rat, travellers confessed to some wild antics in the survey carried out by the Wotif travel company.

According to the results, there’s just something about being somewhere different that gives us a sense of freedom.

“Aussies are simply more daring on holidays, with one traveller sharing that they walked on a tightrope across a cavern in the Blue Mountains, and another revealing they hired a camel and explored the Sahara desert solo,” said Kirsty La Bruniy from Wotif.

Australians are also not afraid to be more adventurous with food overseas, eating a range of local delicacies.

“Trying the local food is all part of the cultural experience and we found plenty of Aussie travellers swap their vegemite sandwiches for exotic eats like bamboo rat and bulls testicles.”

One surprise was that men are more likely to max their credit card on a trip that their female counterparts.