Dangerous, sexy, unpredictable and charming, the infamous James Bond is undoubtedly the movie world’s best loved spy of all time.

The latest offering, Spectre, has already attracted rave reviews and is set to be yet another box office smash. With Daniel Craig playing Bond, would we expect any less? After all, he is the fastest of all the Bonds, with his average top car speed reaching a pulse-racing 319mph in the Aston Martin DBS V12 that featured in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Fans all over the world are desperate to know if we will see him beat this extraordinary speed in Spectre.

Daniel Craig may be the speediest Bond but did you know that he is also the only Bond whose temptation to a tipple is greater than his love for the ladies. Daniel Craig is the only Bond with more martinis than kisses per film than any other Bond actor!

Craig might be the fastest and the booziest Bond, but he’s certainly not the deadliest. Pierce Brosnan is the Bond to beware of with an average of 33.75 kills per movie!

Does deadliest Bond equal sexiest Bond? Apparently not, with Roger Moore being the luckiest Bond when it comes to the number of kisses. Moore has enjoyed kisses with 24 women over 7 movies, earning him the highest smooching average of around 3.4 kisses per film. Irresistible as he may seem, you may be glad to have never found yourself in Bond’s strong, muscle-bound arms. Sleeping with James Bond gives you a one in three chance of being killed by the end of the movie!

Making £3,944,524 for every minute filmed, there appears to be no end to success in sight for the classic Bond formula of handsome spy, beautiful women, fast cars, powerful guns, crazy gadgets, exotic settings and enemies you just love to hate!

We have been busy here designing show plates but in celebration of SPECTRE we decided to get analysing some key Bond data. The infographic from us below delves into the life and loves of our favourite secret agent. From high speeds to high profits and lady luck to number of kills, YOU decide which Bond the world is not enough for.

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