In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Australia Day today (for some true Aussie partying get yourself down to Gigalum in Clapham tonight for TNT’s Australia Day party).

Australia Day is the official national day of Australia and is celebrated on January 26 to commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet to Sydney in 1788 (for an alternative view of the event click here.)

Here’s what Aussies are doing to celebrate today.

Australia Day thong challenge
On Cottesloe Beach in Perth, beachgoers link up during the annual Havaianas Thong Challenge World Record Attempt. Every Australia Day, states compete to see how many people floating on an inflatable thong can link up in the water. We can think of worse things to do on Wednesday afternoon.

Australia Day

Australia Day

Australia Day
Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is a pretty scenic place to jump into the water as water-jumping places go.

Australia Day.
And here’s what they’re doing on Bondi Beach, Sydney, this Australia Day. No, no, we’d much rather be at our desk in a London office!