A day of mourning is underway in Moscow to remember the victims of an apparent suicide bombing at Domodedovo airport.

Flags are flying at half mast and all TV and radio entertainment has been cancelled.

Services for the dead are expected to be held at the airport’s chapel and in churches, mosques and synagogues across Russia’s national capital.

Grieving Russians were lighting candles and bringing flowers to the Domodedovo airport where thirty-five people were killed and more than 110 were injured in the blast in the arrivals area on Monday.

Two suicide bombers suspected in Moscow airport blast

Suicide bombers from the North Caucasus are suspected of carrying out the attacks in which a bomb containing 7kg of TNT was detonated.

President Dmitry Medvedev, who cut short his visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, stated that terrorism is the main security threat facing Russia.

He called for those responsible to be hunted down and “eliminated”.

He also took airport officials to task for “clear security breaches” and called for tighter security in the future.

The bombings are the worst attack on the capital since the double suicide bombings carried out by two female bombers on the Moscow metro on March 29, last year, killed 40.