Drag-racer, Rosco Mc Glashan, reckons he can go faster than a bullet in his super car – that’s some serious wheels!

The Aussie crew launched their bid today to prepare a beast of a car that will use rocket technology with an estimated 200,000 horse power.

A British team will also attempt to break the land speed record in the same year, 2014. It’s all turned into a kind of competition and has been dubbed the “Land-Speed Ashes”.

Glashan cannot wait to attempt the record: “I’ve served the world’s longest apprenticeship, I’ve done an apprenticeship in speed,” he told AFP. “ I’ve had all sorts of vehicles, V8 motorcycles, rocket-powered go-karts, all sorts of stuff,”

The land speed record currently stands at an incredible 763mph – that’s faster than the speed of sound.  This speed was accomplished in 1997 by British driver Andy Green.

Green is the very same driver who will be going up against Aussie Glashan in 2014. Glashan believes he’ll have the weight of a whole nation against him, and people will be urging the British team to succeed.

“They’ve got a lot of support from their country, and [it’s] a country that believes that the land-speed record belongs to them,” explained McGlashan.

“It’s part of their patriotism, the land-speed record’s been in the UK for 1,000 years.”

Picture: Getty.