An Australian man is being paid thousands of dollars to watch the World Cup inside a giant football equipped with a well-stocked fridge, a games console and a bunk bed.

Adam Santarossa, 23, says his friends are jealous after he was selected by Adidas to spend the month-long tournament watching football, tweeting and writing blogs inside the 6m diameter Jabulani ball.

“Other people have work commitments and family commitments. My only problem is getting my blog done on time,” he told AFP. “It’s an easy life I’m living. I’m sure people will be quite jealous.”

Santarossa has a cleaner, free laundry, a PlayStation 3 and a laptop, and will get AU$3,000 for his trouble, along with the contents of the ball and three bags full of sportsgear.

He is allowed to have friends round to the ball, on Melbourne’s dockside, for Australia’s games and even had a visit from a minor celebrity, singer Dannii Minogue’s partner Kris Smith.

“I had a bit of trouble at the start — it’s a bit difficult having people peer in through the windows 24/7,” he said.

“But it’s a pretty easy life. I’m going to be seeing if they can extend my lease.”