Only trillions of miles away, astronomers believe they’ve found a planet covered in molten lava. While the make up of the planet is similar to earth, life as we know it could not survive in the 2,200 degree heat, but perhaps an alien species could?

The new planet has a very similar mass to our planet; it’s approximately 1.1 times the size of earth. However, the new planet is also so close to its star that it circles it in a matter of days, unlike earth, which of course takes 365 days to orbit the sun.

Astronomers claim that there are also other planets orbiting this particular star, and they could potentially have life similar to ours on them, if they’re cool enough.

Space enthusiasts are already trying to figure out how to explore the new planet; astronomers will need to make a treacherous 25 trillion-mile journey to have a peek first-hand.

NASA and the European Space Agency have received numerous pleas from the public and scientists to send a mission up there.

Picture: AP/Getty