Hundreds of text messages sent by the speaker to his openly gay advisor, James Ashby, became public in course of an investigation into the alleged sexual harassment of his advisor.

In the text messages he refers to vagina as looking “like mussell [sic] removed from its shell. Look at a bottle of mussel meat. Salty Cunts in brine.”

After being criticised by Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella, he texted Ashby: “Yes i [sic] agree she did push it too far. But did she do it because you’re mates or she’s just an ignorant botch [sic]?”

Slipper also questioned Ashby’s relationships with other men, and attempted to set him up with women.

“LUCY is very available and keen! Could turn you from your wayward ways,” said one text sent from Slipper to Ashby.

Ashby said in a statement that he understood “the reference to ‘wayward ways’ to be reference to his homosexuality but at the time was unsure as to what it meant”.

He also quizzed him over his relationship with a insurance agent and asked whether he’d lost his “his maidenhood”.

After a dramatic exchange during PMQs Slipper announced his resignation to the house at 7.20pm.

“I wish to advise with great sadness, I have decided to not continue as your speaker,” he said.

“Accordingly I am having arrangements made to tender my resignation to the Governor General.”

“A great privilege to serve as speaker of this place,” Slipper said.

UPDATE 10/10/12
: Disgraced speaker Peter Slipper returns to the backbench and spends Question Time texting 

Image via AAP