Australian public broadcaster the ABC has landed itself in hot water over a sketch depicting Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson in a sexual clinch beneath the Aussie flag.

Conservative opposition politicians slammed the satirical show At Home With Julia, a fictional take on the Prime Minister’s domestic life, for demeaning the office of the Prime Minister.

“Having sex in the prime minister's office under the Australian flag is the last straw for me," Nationals MP John Forrest reportedly told MPs.

He later railed  to The Australian Online: “I've had enough…It's nothing to do with Julia Gillard. I'm not trying to defend her. It's the office of prime minister and it's not even funny.”

“The old English traditional shows like Are You Being Served – they were funny, but this isn't. And to desecrate the flag dishonours what my dad did.”

“This is our taxpayer-funded national broadcaster,” Forrest continued to rant. “The ABC does a great job with many things but what do they think they are doing with this show?”

Another outraged member of the coalition opposition party, Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro, also called for national broadcaster's funding to be reviewed.

The brand new TV show was obviously more popular with the public than it was with conservative coalition politicians, garnering 1.07 million viewers in its first week.


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