Getting There


Austria is well connected by plenty or regular and budget airlines. Easyjet, Austrian Airlines and BA all fly to direct to Vienna from London. Ryanair and Sky Europe fly to the airport in Bratislava, (which is in Slovakia) about 90 minutes by road to Vienna. Some Sky Europe fares include a mini-bus ride from a pick-up location in central Vienna to the airport in Bratislava.


Austria is very well connected by rail to the rest of Europe. You can get trains in and out of the country to all neighbouring countries, while Vienna is a major European rail hub, with connections to cities as far away as Paris and Moscow.


You can get to Austria by boat from Hungary, Slovakia and Germany.


Getting Around

It’s not quite as small as Switzerland, but Austria’s a compact country, and the train network is excellent, so getting around is easy. Intercity trains are quick and run on time and there are connections to most of the smaller cities, too. If you’re exploring outlying regions or mountain resorts you’re going to need buses.

Austria’s primary train network is the Österreiche Bundesbahn. Get more info at