Producer John Landau has suggested that Avatar 2 is due to be released in 2016, seven years after the original.
The next thing we’ll be bring back is Avatar 2 and 3. We’re excitedly working on that as we speak, and that’s four or so years out,” he told

“We have a lot of the same team working with us, and we’re working on great themes. One of the things we learned on Avatar, that helped on [the Titanic remake], was that when you have a fast-cut action sequence, it’s not about 3D.

“So you can go with less 3D in those shots. If you’re watching the action, you’re not taking in the 3D. If you’re looking at a shot of the Grand Canyon, that’s about 3D. Because you can control 3D, and it’s knowing when to push it and pull in back.

According to reports, director James Cameron wants to make Avatar 2 more realistic by shooting it at 60 frames per second, as opposed to the industry standard of 24 frames per second. 

In comparison, New Zealand film maker Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 48 frames per second.