Colombian police were suspicious when three women dressed in what looked like nun’s habits arrived in the sunny, Caribbean Island of San Andreas from Bogota. For one thing, the fabric of the habits didn’t look quite right.

Oh, and the women were also apparently really nervous and fidgety. They soon had very good reason to be.

Police Captain Oscar Davila, chief of the island’s constabulary, pulled the women aside for an inspection and found more than two kilograms of pure, Colombian marching powder strapped to each of the three fake nun’s legs.  

Ave Maria, mother of mercy!

San Andres, just off Nicaragua’s coast, is part of a longtime smuggling route for cocaine from mainland Colombia.

While the habits may have been fake, the drugs certainly weren’t.

“They weren’t really religious, they weren’t nuns. On the contrary, they were taking advantage of this situation,” San Andres police commissioner Jorge Gomez told Colombia Reports.

You’re preaching to the choir there, mi amigo.

The three ladies reportedly broke down upon being sprung and each spun a tale of hardship and financial woe to the arresting officers.

If any of those ladies are particularly religious now might be a good time to start praying, because right now they haven’t got a hope in hell of avoiding a stretch in Colombian prison.


Image: Getty