Expect to party the night away with Marty McFly in the original DeLorean. A lucky partygoer will win a chance to cruise around Chelsea with Doc Brown (he might even send you back to Hill Valley circa 1955).

Retro cocktails will be provided by XO Café and include the Café McFly, a lightning bolt of a cocktail made with Patron XO Café Incendio, strong coffee, and fresh whipped cream; the Doc Brown shot, that will be served on the clock each time the Power of Love is played, made with Patron XO Café Incendio and vanilla ice cream; and the official tipple of the evening, the Back to the Future Cocktail made with XO Café Incendio, lime juice and Marty McFly’s favourite Pepsi. 

The Maggie’s staff will be decked out in McFly style puffer vests and Doc Brown’s nutty tropical shirts, high tops, and big hair and guests are encouraged to follow suit. The best-dressed guest will win Marty’s trusty neon hover board.

Saturday 24 September 2015.