The three piglets became some of Darwin’s most wanted last Wednesday when police warned motorists that ‘wild boars’ were causing a traffic hazard on one of Darwin’s busiest roads.

Local residents took to social media sites like Facebook to say that the little pigs had been wandering around the town for weeks and quickly became famous. Celebrities in the tradition of all romantic outlaws from Robin Hood to Ned Kelly – except for the trending on Twitter bit.

As word of the three nefarious porkers began to spread through the area the local constabulary tried and failed repeatedly to bring the little trouble makers in.

With the three pigs refusing to come quietly the police resorted to violence; some suggested trying to starve the pigs out, whilst others advocated using hunting dogs and crossbows to drive the pigs into the open and slay them.

Despite being seen wreaking havoc on a private golf course, up and down main roads and even outside a McDonald’s restaurant Darwin police were unable to bring an end to the crackling crimewave.

‘‘Pig chasing was not a topic taught at the police college, as it became obvious this afternoon,’’ said Senior Sergeant Garry Smith at the height of the chase last week.” 

Police became even more concerned when reports surfaced on the internet of the pigs ingratiating themselves into the local community, with residents openly admitting to aiding and abetting the fugitives with food and even the occasional pat.

For two of the pigs however their life on the lamb (so to speak) came to an abrupt and violent end over the weekend when police cornered them in a “safe area” and opened fire.

The third little piggy thankfully did make it all the way home though, returning to his owner Davina Kenyon of the local Minmarama people. The slaughter of two of her pigs though has hit Davina hard.‘‘There is not much I can do. I am sad,’’ she said.

As for the one who got away there is talk of him going into hiding somewhere in Humpty Doo… Wherever that is exactly.

Image: Getty