South African Bafana Bafana fans are switching their allegiance after their team failed to progress in the tournament.

The host nation held its breath during yesterday’s match against
France, with Bafana beating the 1998 world champions 2-1. However it
wasn’t enough to make it through to the second stage.

So which team will supporters be blowing their vuvuzelas for now?

Here’s what some fans told the Mail & Guardian:

“It’s good see some young blood on the field and they have brought
youngsters through. I will be supporting Ghana and no other team,” said
Clive Prinsloo, a financial planner from Rondebosch East.

Lemise Abrahams, said: “I will first be supporting all the other African teams because we are part of Africa.”

Ivan Botha from Durbanville said he was supporting Ghana because “they
are the dark horse of the World Cup and they are awesome”.

“I’m going to support Argentina, Maradona, because I’m a fan of his,” said Phyllis Kilifele, from Langa.

“I’m supporting Brazil now because in 2002 I was in London and they won
the World Cup. It was the first time that I had ever watched soccer and
the fans were just fantastic,” said Lelani Boshoff from Durbanville.

Carla van der Merwe from Plattekloof said her family came from Portugal
so she was “100% behind the Portuguese soccer team” now that Bafana
Bafana was out.

Malika Fagodien from Cape Town said he had supported Bafana because he
supported his country, but was actually a Germany supporter, “always
have been”.

“I thought Bafana were brilliant, but now I supposed I’ll be supporting
England since my boss is British,” said Janine Moir from Cape Town.

Saffas out there – let us know who you’re supporting now.

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