Lady Gaga will use dead bodies in one of her upcoming live show.

Yup, for real.

In her endless quest to shock, the Telephone singer has joined forces with Gunther Von Hagens, whose Body Worlds exhibition showcases dead bodies in various stages of dissection.

Lady G has asked Von Hagens to design the set for her Vegas show, which would top even her most gory, blood-splattered performance.

A friend of the singer’s told The Sun: “They’ve spoken over email and it’s gone well. She is keen to have some Body Worlds element in one of her shows, with Vegas being the obvious fit.

“It would be good to top this tour – which is already out there – with something nobody has done before, using dead bodies as part of a gig.”

The Body Worlds exhibition features dead people who have been preserved through Von Hagens’ plastination process – which replaces bodily fluids with hardened silicone.

We reckon being on stage with Lady Gaga after you’ve snuffed it beats rotting away with the worms any day!

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