Bafana Bafana and Everton midfielder Steven Pienaar is in the clear after being arrested on suspicion of assault in the UK on Sunday, The Times reported on Thursday.

The 26-year-old player, who is sidelined because of a broken toe, was alleged to have assaulted a woman at his flat in Merseyside, Liverpool, at the weekend.

Police were called to Pienaar’s flat early on Sunday after the woman laid a charge against the footballer, from Westbury in Johannesburg. Pienaar handed himself to the police later in the day.

He plays for English Premier League side Everton, where he is one of the club’s most popular players and has been affectionately dubbed “Peanuts” by fans.

Merseyside police spokesman Sergeant John Olle said in an e-mail to The Times that the case against Pienaar had been closed.

“I can now confirm that there was no formal written statement of complaint regarding this incident. As a result, no charges against Steven Pienaar will be brought and the inquiry is now closed,” said Olle.

The woman who was allegedly assaulted has not been named. The club also considered the matter closed.