Google has introduced the background skin feature for its search engine and Twitter users have gone into a frenzy slating it.

The skins feature a collection of pictures taken by famous photographers and are to promote Google’s customisable homepages which were launched last week.

The Official Google Blog states that the ‘inspirational’ pictures will appear on the background of for the next 24 hours, to highlight the new feature.

Twitter has been inundated with users complaining about the backgrounds.

Journalist Giles Coren Tweeted: “What’s happened? Why is Google like that? I don’t feel well, the weather’s still grismal, and now this. I don’t understand.”

How to change the Google background

If Google’s new background is ruining your day and  actually starting to give you a nervous twitch then the bad news is that won’t return to normal until Friday.

However, if you have a Google account then you can change the skin to a nice picture of your mate pointing to that funny road sign you saw in Wales.

Just click on the ‘Change background image’ link in the bottom left-hand corner or the ‘Curious about today’s homepage?’ link under the search box. Scroll to the end of the Editor’s picks selection and there are some alternatives – all white (including the logo), grey, red, yellow-orange, green and blue.

Alternatively, you can use the recently-launched Google SSL site.

If all else fails, on Friday you’ll be able to click the ‘Remove background image’ in the bottom left-hand corner of the page and restore the old Google background.



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