Robert George Maley, operator of a limousine service, didn’t think it was “weird” to ask though.

Blimey. Where to start? Well, Maley claims that he tried phoning around to find someone to do the job but had little success.

After multiple rejections he asked one of his teenage employees if she would wax him.

“To me it wasn’t anything weird to ask. We’d worked together for so long.”

Go on, try a little harder mate.

OK. So he tried shaving himself first, but did a bad job of it and managed to cut his balls.

He showed the girl his injuries (oh god…) and she offered to wax him, he said.

“She said, ‘I can do it. It’s no big deal. I’ve done it before.’”

A week later they had a good go at it, but apparently it hurt too much.

To complicate this already massively awkward scenario, there was someone else in the house that overheard the waxing via a baby monitor. What?

The woman, still employed by Maley, testified that she overheard them joking and laughing while she shaved his balls. Now I’m confused and also disgusted.

She said she also heard the girl shaving Maley on a different occasion. Multiple ball shavings?! How hairy is this guy?!

Maley claims that while they did shave his balls, there was no sexual contact between them.

Awkward. There are things in this life that you should never have to experience. Shaving your middle-aged boss’ balls is right up there.

Image: Getty Images