London Restaurant Experiences
London restaurant experiences vary from gourmet to quirky with a constant influx of new trends and always an opportunity to sample cuisines from around the world. What TryMyKitchen loves to do is present different cuisines together with an element of uniqueness. For example, diners looking for a sweeping taste of India can try a comprehensive six course tasting menu at Michelin recommended restaurant Charkra in Notting Hill. If this sounds appealing to you then keep an eye out on TryMyKitchen’s evolving list of restaurant dining experiences over the coming months. 

London Supper Clubs & Pop-up Restaurants
London supper clubs, home meals and restaurant pop-ups have long been popular in London, and now there is an even wider variety to choose from. For diners wanting to fuse food with culture, the Balinese fusion supper club ( offers traditional Rijsttafel style dining combined with live Balinese dance by real Balinese dancers. 

Experiencing supper clubs in London also provides an ideal way to try traditional and authentic cuisine from all around the world. Bita’s Authentic Persian Food Supper Club is the perfect example of being able to fully experience traditional food from a niche cuisine.  

London Cooking Classes
There are various ways you can enjoy London cooking classes. These include cookery schools like L’atelier des chef who provide a whole host of cooking classes all across London ranging from knife skills, fresh pasta and pastry. Restaurants also offer classes, such as Ponti’s restaurant who host ‘Pizza Scuola’, a fun evening learning how to spin pizzas taking place on Sundays to Thursday. 

Another option is to learn from people who are passionate cooks and have learnt family secrets which are passed down the generations. These usually take the form of evening classes and are only run at certain times of the year, making them immensely popular. Nelly’s Indonesian cooking is a great example of one, with the next session running on September 11th 2015. If you miss a session they you can always contact the host who will keep those interested informed of future classes.

London is certainly not short of amazing food experiences and with they are now even easier to find.  

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